1.5mm Pink Tetra Claw Set Ear Stud

1.5mm Pink Tetra Claw Set Ear StudDoesn’t this ear stud look amazing? Studs have a charming impression of their own and are loved by men, women and children. Studs are non-imposing, small; do not dangle and generally fit any part of the ear; wherever you pierce. Studs have this excellent quality of being safe as they do not get entangled in clothes or hair due to their small size. Wearing a stud is easy, stylish, smart and hassle free. That is why men and women love to wear it all the time. Not only is this, removing an ear stud and storing it is also easy.

This stud looks brilliant with its unique tetra claw shape in which 4 rhinestones are set nicely. Artistic and gorgeous, the shape of the ear stud is fully complemented by the pink rhinestone. The intense pink color of the rhinestone on 925 sterling silver body makes the item a killer combination. The best part about a stud is that it is extremely versatile and you can team it up with anything, right from formals to casuals to fusion ensemble. Now, you must be thinking of having your ears pierced to be able to wear this. If your friend has told you that you can get it done by a piercing gun, you must know certain things about a piercing gun before you decide to use it.

The studs in standard piercing guns are 20-gauge in diameter and are long enough to go through the earlobe when pierced. Usually stainless steel studs are used by piercers because it is known to be the most skin friendly metal. Sometimes the ear stud is gold plated as well. The difference between normal studs and piercing studs is that they are sharper than the normal ones because they are required to pierce the earlobe. Like any ear stud these studs are also held by butterfly back lock to hold the stud in place. Whether you are having a piercing on the earlobe or on helix or any other part of your ear the process with guns remains the same.

Piercing guns are manufactured from plastic and come with metal trigger and earring cradle. The stud rests on an adapter in built in the shaft while the earring back sits in the cradle. The earlobe is placed between the adapter and the cradle and a hole is punched. Blunt force is used to pierce the earlobe which enables the stud to go through the skin.

Cartilage piercing is somewhat a unisex thing now. Both men and women love to have their cartilages pierced in some form or the other to become stylish. Helix has become one of the most sought after piercings among people and they are decorating the helix with all sorts of jewelry items. Modification of helix piercing in various ways has also added to its popularity. Earlier people used to go only for single helix piercings but now they have become bolder as they know their style and are opting for double helix piercings. Helix piercings are trendy but as they say every ear is a snowflake and therefore you should consider the shape of your ear before deciding on double helix piercing.

While opting for double helix, you can either go for rings or studs. Piercebody has a lovely range of studs that will woo you nicely. This particular pink tetra claw set ear stud with a stone of 1.5mm looks beautiful and vibrant. Made of 925 sterling silver, this ear stud is fantastic and goes well with your casual or party outfits really well. The 1.5mm stone is a rhinestone which has an amazing capacity to radiate light and look bright. It can brighten up your make up for a particular event. You can either wear it in a single ear or in both of them; it is upto you.

A double helix means getting two perforations on the cartilage. It takes more time to heal than the ones on earlobes. So, you have to remain patient and give it the time to heal for at least 6 months before you think of changing it. A double helix piercing can be a ‘forward’ one as well. In this particular type, perforations are made at the beginning of the helix or on the helix trunk. Helix piercing is not done with shots; instead needles are used to pierce the area. A forward piercing is more painful than a normal helix piercing. Helix piercing can cost between $30 and $80 depending on your city and the salon you have chosen.

A double silver ear ring or a double stud looks great on helix. It is quite a style statement. Since, nowadays it has been accepted as mainstream fashion, you can really experiment with your look without putting in much thought about what others would think. In all probability, you will be appreciated for your style

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