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Gold Body Jewelry

Glitter in gold. Let the people around you get attracted to you by our skillful gold body jewelry. Our gold body jewelry is an evergreen jewelry – which remains forever. Accessorize yourself with the charming gold nose pins and gold belly rings. The sizzling and an elegant 9k gold nose pins and 14k gold nose pins. The finely crafted nose pins are studded with diamond stones and Cubic Zirconia. Our luxurious and sexy 14k gold belly button rings and 18k gold belly ring has an extensive range with custom made in a variety of gemstones, offering them in high quality and in many styles and shapes including hearts, flowers, star, butterfly and reverse.What items does a Piercebody.com have in gold body jewelry?

  • Belly Button Rings
  • Ear Rings
  • Labrets
  • Nose Pins
  • Diamond Nose Pins
  • Set Jewelry
  • Circular Barbells
  • Curved Barbells

Be assured that you are buying from the direct manufacturer of Body jewelry so you get the items directly shipped from the factory and not from the stored warehouses. If you are new here, we would like t you. We look forward in doing business with you and give you 100% buyer satisfaction. Piercebody.com is committed in offering high quality online body jewelry at the lowest prices on the internet. Piercebody.com is the most popular and trusted manufacturer of Body piercing jewelry with imported Titanium materials from UK.
Are you in search for a wholesale Piercing? Jewelry supplier for the business? Piercebody.com is the perfect source to be linked as a wholesale body jewelry supplier. We provide attractive offers, and promotional rates.

We offer Quality,Value,Service.A service plays an essential role. At our store all our items are valued with the best interest at heart because we have a commitment to quality and excellence.
Piercebody.com, is fully dedicated to bring you body jewelry and fashion accessories. We also help you at your body jewelry essentials. Our store not only offers efficiency portrayed. Our store also provides customers a convenience through shopping for body jewelry in an affordable range. Our online operation provides a secure transaction, shopping carts and up-time reliability.Therefore, get connected to Piercebody.com and list the categories to the shopping cart. All you need to do after the shopping carts is key in your payment option information, approve the list of things; include your delivery address and wait for the confirmation.

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14K Bio-Plast Jewelry

Gold Nose Studs

Crystal Belly Rings

14K Gold Jeweled Ball End
Nose Pin. $2.63

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Silver Belly Navel Rings

Crystal Belly Rings

Fancy Jeweled foot
Silver Belly Ring $5.49

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Piercebody.com is UpFront

Wholesale Body Jewelry Manufacturer offers Body Piercing Jewelry at Factory Prices in
Wholesale & Retail.

Piercebody.com pride on our creativity, quality, selection and price. We offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy on our products. Note: We’re the best for supplying body piercing jewelry for bulk orders and small orders.Piercebody.com has firmly established as a manufacturer and an innovator of unique, stylish high quality of fine body jewelry with incredible prices. We appreciate your business with us. Piercebody.com also knows it is a daunting prospect shopping for body jewelry and jewelry online and there must be a degree of trust before any purchase is made. We will do anything to make your online shipping experience a pleasant one! Our aim is to sell you the latest design without a compromising on quality or service. Looking to entice something different this season? We provide motivating designs and offer which will bring an element of chick and glamour to your existing range. We supply accessories for every occasion.

Belly Button Rings

Wholesale Body Jewelry
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Retail Body Jewelry
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WELCOME! to Piercebody.com!

Piercebody.com is a primary source for wholesale and retail body jewelry at factory price. We are the 24/7 online jewelry store for gold body jewelry, 925 Sterling Silver Body Jewelry and 316L Stainless Steel Jewelry. Piercebody.com is a reliable, the most trusted and the leading manufacturer, distributor for body piercing jewelry. We give free shipment to the wholesale buyers with the minimum order of $500 and the retail with the minimum value of $25. Piercebody.com, ships the body jewelry orders via Registered Mail, EMS, FEDEX and UPS. Piercebody.com takes pride in the quality and the items that it product will even satisfy the pickiest customer! Our body jewelry store offers a moderate value with variety of collections from teenager’s collections to adult collections. Our shopping gallery includes unbeatable selection, display and packs, piercing tools, exclusive collections, hot deals, bulk deals, clearance sale, deal time, new arrivals and close out hot sale

Wholesale Top Sellers
Butterfly Belly Button Ring Silver Skull Belly Ring
Butterfly Belly Button Ring Silver Skull
$5.94 $4.84
Blackline Alloy Flesh Tunnel SS spider Screw Fit Flesh Tunnel
Blackline Alloy Flesh Tunne SS spider Screw Fit Flesh Tunnel
$1.19 $1.69
BioFlexi Piercing
Staright Barbell
925 Silver Gem Nose Studs
BioFlexi Piercing 925 Silver Gem Nose Studs
$1.00 $3.89
9K Diamond Nose Screw Madonna Labret Jeweled Top
9K Diamond Nose Screw Madonna Labret Jeweled Top
$7.35 $0.99
Retail Top Sellers
Steel Screw Fit Flesh Tunnnel Fancy Jeweled Belly Ring
Steel Screw Fit Flesh Tunnnel Fancy Jeweled Belly Ring
$3.79 $8.49
Reverse Belly Button Rings Silver Frog Belly Button Ring
Reverse Belly Button Rings Silver Frog Belly Button Ring
$11.39 $13.59
14K Gold Lip Labret 14K Gold Nose Pin Piercing
14K Gold Lip Labret 14K Gold Nose Pin Piercing
$12.39 $4.07
Star Screw Flesh Tunnel Plain Scre Fit Flesh Tunnel
Star Screw Flesh Tunnel Plain Scre Fit Flesh Tunnel
$3.39 $7.59

Does Piercebody.com Supply Worldwide?

We supply globally. Piercebody.com, even supplies the items to the several online stores. Find out more about Piercebody.com!. The new collections of belly rings are updated weekly with more than 150 new designs and patterns specially designed by our jewelry designers.Piercebody stands to be one of the largest manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer service providers of body jewelry with the direct factory prices. Piercebody, our body jewelry is an ideal supplier and we benefit the online market place! We provide the best of the resort level in a superb quality and great price! We produce beautiful pieces and classy collections! We provide high quality designs ranging from eyebrow rings to toe rings. We offer thousands of styles, mounted to touch your body!.Our strength lies in its extensive collection; strong customer service; fashionable design & fine master piece. Our body jewelry store knows what our online shopper constantly looks for & we fulfill their demand!We guarantee the delicacy & flawless qualities of body jewelry.

Body jewelry items in earrings, nose rings, ear plugs, labret, tongue barbells and dermal anchors. We are a very passionate provider and specialized for "Silver Belly Rings". Body jewelry or non piercing body jewelry - you get the probability of all patterns at Piercebody.com. Capture the Super Bold Body Jewelry of the season featuring the latest designs and patterns. All of our body jewelry pieces are enthusiastic. These designs are presented by our professional designers. In our wholesale and retail store, we also have a collection of men's jewelry in 316L Stainless Steel. Our high quality item gives a top tier look. Receive yield discounts (volume), quantity discounts, coupon codes and free shipping. We give free shipment to the wholesale buyers with the minimum order of $500 and the retail with the minimum value of $25.

Piercebody.com News

New Shopping cart with many more features. All kinds of 925 Silver Jewelry added with the extreme collection of Piercing Jewelry. Wholesale body jewelry and Retail body Jewelry shopping cart are updated with many more new designs with unbeatable revised prices and Free Drop Shipping. Please check daily for the updates.

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Body Jewelry Supplier

We own a big manufacturing factory in Thailand specially for making silver navel rings and piercing accessories. We supply worldwide for many online stores and introducing minimum hundred designs per week. We have started manufacturing the UV Balls, Steel Balls, bcr, labret, barbell, belly button rings and all kinds of piercing loose items in our own factory. we made many retailers into wholesalers and many wholesalers into distributors. we never compromise our quality to lower the price. We can guarantee that all our body piercing items are 100% in good quality and in good condition. Delivered to your door-step fresh from our factory. Feel free to browse our site, you will find great deals that you might have not seen before. Look at our testimonials and have a nice day shopping.

Silver Belly Rings

This collection of belly rings are a real catch. Its made of 925 Sterling Silver and magnificently crafted in gorgeous designs. Also designed with yellow gold material. Decorated with beautiful colorful stones, with logo balls, UV silicones, or charmed with silver itself. Its made with moving and non-moving navel charms that makes silver belly rings more attractive.

Our aim is to provide our customers not only with high quality but also with best customer service. We have been a solid supplier for belly rings, eyebrow rings, labret, barbells, tongue rings, belly button rings, nose studs, titanium body jewelry and exporting worldwide for more than six years. We never compromise our quality to lower our price. Once you buy from us we hope you keep coming back for our stock availability.

Piercebody.com, has the best quality stone In Cubic Zircon Stones and Rhinestone. What is the most magnificent collection in our store? Swarovski Crystal Stone and the Austrian Crystal Bead 3 Micron 18k plated.

Our G23 Grade of the accessories is available in Twist Barbells, BCR, Titanium Banana, Titanium Labrets, Titanium Cones, Titanium Balls and etc. We also have accessories of loose items for Titanium Accessories, Loose Items and UV Ball Accessories. UV Ball Accessories: The UV Fancy Balls with variety of styles and shapes.

Piercebody.com is the most leading manufacturer of body jewelry distributing world wide. Our factory is located in the heart of Bangkok. Our body jewelry store sets a class of category from gold body jewelry, 925 sterling silver jewelry, titanium collections and 316l stainless steel body jewelry.We offer moderate value with a variety of collection from the teenager’s collection to the adult collections. Our customers include piercing stores, major departmental stores and jewelers.
We inspect all products in all stages of production from design to distribution to ensure that our valuable customer receives unique items and prompt delivery service.
Piercebody.com concludes that are the ultimate manufacturer, exporter, importer of body jewelry (we supply in wholesale, retail and order based items) with incredible prices.


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