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Piercebody.com pride on our creativity, quality, selection and price. We offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy on our products. Note: We’re the best for supplying body piercing jewelry for bulk orders and small orders.Piercebody.com has firmly established as a manufacturer and an innovator of unique, stylish high quality of fine body jewelry with incredible prices. We appreciate your business with us. Piercebody.com also knows it is a daunting prospect shopping for body jewelry and jewelry online and there must be a degree of trust before any purchase is made. We will do anything to make your online shipping experience a pleasant one! Our aim is to sell you the latest design without a compromising on quality or service. Looking to entice something different this season? We provide motivating designs and offer which will bring an element of chick and glamour to your existing range. We supply accessories for every occasion. 


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Piercebody.com is a primary source for wholesale and retail body piercings at factory price. We are the 24/7 online store for gold body jewelry, 925 Sterling Silver Body Jewelry and fake belly button rings. Piercebody.com is a reliable, the most trusted and the leading manufacturer, distributor for piercing jewelry. We give free shipment to the wholesale buyers with the minimum order of $500 and the retail with the minimum value of $25. Piercebody.com, ships the body jewelry source orders via Registered Mail, USPS, UK  Royal Mail,EMS, FEDEX and UPS. Piercebody.com takes pride in the quality and the items that it product will even satisfy the pickiest customer! Our body piercing jewelry store offers a moderate value with variety of collections from teenager’s collections to all. Our shopping gallery includes unbeatable selection, display and packs, piercing tools, exclusive collections, fake belly button rings,nose piercing jewelry,piercing jewelry,clip on belly button rings.


Style vs. Quality: No more compromises


Everybody wants to look classy and stylish nowadays, which is why piercing is getting more widespread. Two holes in the ears just don’t make it anymore; modern people seem to put metal trinkets virtually everywhere: legs, hands, belly, nose, tongue, eyebrows, lips and even nipples. That may look cool or hilarious, but great attention is guaranteed (surely, we want it to be rather admiration than mockery). One of the burning problems of heavily pierced people is to find goods of both high quality and great design.

Our clients are supplied with all that. If you searched for online shop with best offers, search no more.

Does Piercebody.com Supply Worldwide?

We supply globally. Piercebody.com, even supplies the items to the several online stores. Find out more about Piercebody.com!. The new collections of belly rings are updated weekly with more than 150 new designs and patterns specially designed by our jewelry designers.Piercebody stands to be one of the largest manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer service providers of sterling silver belly button rings with the direct factory prices. Piercebody, our sterling silver belly rings is an ideal supplier and we benefit the online market place! We provide the best of the resort level in a superb quality and great price! We produce beautiful pieces and classy collections! We provide high quality designs ranging from eyebrow rings to toe rings. We offer thousands of styles, mounted to touch your body!.Our strength lies in its extensive collection; strong customer service; fashionable design & fine master piece. Our piercing jewelry store knows what our online shopper constantly looks for & we fulfill their demand!We guarantee the delicacy & flawless qualities of wholesale piercing supplies.

Our merits

Our site is both good for making small and bulk purchases. We sell products for factory prices and constantly have special offers. Moreover, there is free shipping for wholesale order of minimum $500, and retail order of minimum $25. Why is piercebody.com the choice of so many people?

  1. We constantly renew our catalogue, so there is always ultra-modern stylish jewelry and customers have what to select from.
  2. Easy registration and arrangement of order.
  3. Multiple choice of payment method: we care about clients from all over the world providing convenient ways to transfer money depending on the country.
  4. Great service, customer support: you can always contact our consultants online.
  5. User-friendly interface that provides full information.
  6. We are on the cutting edge of innovation in wholesale body piercing jewelry, and new devices for piercing: expanders, tools, fake ear plugs, etc.
  7. Thousands of our constant customers and thankful clients are the proof of brilliant service, excellent quality and agreeable prices. Just buy and you will never regret!

Piercebody.com News

New Shopping cart with many more features. All kinds of 925 Silver Jewelry added with the extreme collection of cheap Piercing Jewelry. nose piercing jewelry and Retail body piercing Jewelry shopping cart are updated with many more new designs with unbeatable revised prices and Free Drop Shipping. Please check daily for the updates.


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